New Internet Radio - Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by O_o, Jun 19, 2010.

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    Until recently I played on an internet station, we had quite a high listener count and at aonly £5 a month seemed fair price for apparent worldwide listeners.............It's since transpired that the listener stats are fake and essentially the Dj's pay money to play to less people locked on then they actually have stood in the studio - So i decided to look for another station, thing is nothing has half decent space on the timetable or they all want an extortionate (sp?) amount to play - after the previous station I'm dubious about paying again...

    Essay over - anyway

    What I'm wondering is, is it worth setting up another? free of charge for Dj's and making sure to implement all the things I wish the other stations would of done/had promised...

    I know the scene is saturated with stations, but then the same can be said about labels, events, dj's, mc's and producers yet some still progress while others fail...

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    I guess what I would like to setup is something like a myspace/facebook type site that offers mix hosting, profiles, forums and so on with the radio on top of all that - The technical side would be no issue - just the demand I guess
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    big effort mate... i think you would be better biding your time and try and grab a good slot on a competative station!