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Feb 13, 2017
Hello, i'm Spitzy and i'm 16y old. I'm from Belgium and love dnb (especially Jump Up).. I just started trying producing some dnb and im really struggling with everything :-/ from basslines to EQ, but whatever im just trying.I have'nt even told my friends about my producing because they would laugh my ass of. But my reason im doing it is because i really enjoy it and its just a way of wasting time when im bored . My first track is now finisched. I know it isnt even close to good and i can really hear a lot of problems but I just dont succeed in clearing them away. I would really like to get some tips etc, everything is welcome.
This is my first track, its some kind of jump up (maybe wierd and out of balance etc, but in the process of making this track I already learned alot:
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