New+Improved Rev-E Tunez...

dj rev-e

aka Gangsta Fun
Mar 13, 2003
Wordup peoplez... Pleeze check out my site to hear tha' newest updatez to my productionz lately.. Tha' clips include 'Are You With Me', 'Buffalo Chicks', and shortly 'Sea Sick' will be posted as well. All of tha' clips feature tha' newest versionz of each track available at this point in time. Feedback is greatly appreciated as alwayz, plus I would like to mention that any vocal samplez that were used in these trax have been phased out to avoid problemz with upload.. hit me up on pm if you would like to hear wot tha' trax sound like w/ them.. alright.. ez out every1, and enjoy..
Bass is tight on Buffalo Chicks and steam-rolls along! wicked lil drops too :devilslay

Lovin Gremlinz - sickest tune yet (wouldnt mind a better quality mp3 though :oops: )

Id stick it in a mix of course!
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