new here...


Sup junglists, my names Max just call me Rifta. I used to go by the name VonCreme back in the day. Im only 15 years old, but I still love makin drum and bass. I came here from a site acidplanet, they are all sony suckin bastards. This place knows drum and bass so I figure since I produce, I might as well come here. Ive been makin drum and bass since I was 9 years old, started off looping, but I make my own sounds now. I use Reaktor 5, Samplitude 8 and 9, Reason 3, Acid 6.0, Swarm Synth, Orion Platinum, and a ton of VST and some VSTi. I am psyched to be here with people that actually know drum and bass. I love remixing people, and just learnin more about the genre. I still consider myself a noob at drum and bass, only because I still cant get that perfect tune down.

I love just smokin a fat joint and making some darkstep/techstep/drum and bass, so hit me up or look for my songs, I will have one posted soon ^_^