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Hey Im Matt

From Christchurch New Zealand .

Love listening to and mixing drum and bass Pretty casual bin giving it ago for a few years now just jamming at home i have recorded a couple mixes now. im into Neurofunk gully tunes and when i get sick of thrashing that liquid never goes wrong Iv got 3 Pioneer 1000 mk3s and a djm600 with some shitty logitech speakers. any way i signed up cos i need some advice and i figured this would be the best place to ask. iv bin tight on cash for a while but iv got abit saved so im looking to upgrade my set up.

Im sick of burning cds all the time and was wondering what people think of Serato?
What else do people use?
i only really want it so i can run a library with keys as a refrence and seting up cue points.
Does it effect the way the cdjs operate?

How would i connect it all together

Laptop / 3 CDJ1000 Mk3S / DJM 600.

Also looking into studio monitors any one got a low buget recommendation?

Any way if You read this far Thanks and any Advice is appreciated