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Hi :wave: Just signed up here about 5 minutes ago. Found the forums while Googleing for guides on how to get started with DnB production, which is something I'm keen to get into. Had a poke around the producers forum before signing up and seems to be a lot of people who really know what they're doing, (just been listening to atmospheric orchestra piece that someone posted, which was not what I was expecting but really interesting stuff). Hoping to pick up some good tips, and get to listen to some great music in the process :)

Been listening to DnB for about 4 years now. My mate introduced me to it and Dubstep early on in sixth form. Kinda got bored with Dubstep a little now, lot of very samey stuff around these days, but my love of DnB has continued to grow.

Away from dance music, my music tastes were originally rooted in rock, (more the indie Libertines kind than the American Green Day kind, although I do love a bit of proper Grunge), but have expanded over the years to cover a whole load of stuff. Got a lot of love for Blues and Soul music these days, both the classic 50s/60s stuff like John Lee Hooker and Ruth Brown and the people like Jack White and the Black Keys putting a modern twist on it. Spinning out of that I'm a huge fan of 60s/70s electric blues, big bands like Cream and Led Zep, Neil Young's proto-grunge, (and his folk/country) stuff, most things punk related, the Cure, Public Enemy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, MF Doom. To be honest, I could be here all day listing great artists. Basically, I'm a pretty big fan of music all round, long as its good :)