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Feb 22, 2012
Hi, ive only been a DNB fan since 2001 but i love it!. Before that i was into heavy metal, then i got more into rap/hip hop and finally crossed over DNB (and other electrontic genres) in around 2001. Made the full transistion in 2003:rinsed: Has been the best change in my life. Would never go back now. Since then i have expanded my tastes and also like a lot of early hardcore and techno etc but my favourite is definitely drum and bass. I have a strong liking for the early/mid 90s Jungle but i dont dis like the current stuff. I like it all but generaly the old skool stuff is what i like best.

Anyway, i came here seeking advice on buying CD packs and the best places to buy sets from Dreamscape and Helterskelter as i have had a few bad experiences. Will look at posting specific question in another section of the forum thanks.
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