New here, not so new to d'n'b...


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Evenin' all,

Just joined up to lurk and read production info, catch up on what's new out and hopefully get feedback on my tunes. I was into dnb as a teenager in the mid 90's and veered off into other music worlds mid 00's and rekindled my love for the dnb just last year, digging out all my old cd's, suddenly remembering why I was into it.
I've played in and recorded bands as an amateur but in no way would I call myself a producer, anyway I decided to delve into the electronic side of music as a new challenge / something different and have made a load of different tunes over the years, and lately I've been trying my hand at dubstep and dnb, doing ok for a rookie I guess but need to get a lot better at pretty much everything...

Anyway I'm working on a remix of 'Don't Follow fet Diane Charlemagne' by Cyantific at the moment, I'll post it up in the right section in a bit...