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    have a couple of tunes that are posted on myspace at the moment that I would like to get some opinions on. I have never really posted anything about my music on a forum so I hope I get some good feedback on the things that are good and also the things that are bad. Feel free to either hit me up here on the this forum or email me at or I am currently working on a site called that will feature mine and others drum and bass tunes. Also, feel free to send a friend request if you like. Hope that you enjoy the tunes. I am also going to put links on here to the labels that I have been involved with. I released a tune with others of a label called FreeStyleRecordings and I am currently going to release a tune on PeerPressureRecordings for a tune that I have posted called NothingWrong. There are also some links to my family members Darrell Delite Allamby and also my younger brother Devone. They are currently working on an album together. My older brother Darrell is a multi platinum producer that currently resides here in Dallas where we all live.


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