New Have a Cow dnb mix!

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    Hi dudes

    Here I want to share the mix my friend of Have a Cow did, they are a bass music producer duo who are working hard since 2010. This time the "cows" have recorded their last mix played for closing the party they shared stage with the dutch hip hop group Dope D.O.D. enjoy!


    The Upbeats Ft. Baxter - Alone ( fourward Rmx)
    Dementia & Disfonia Ft. Rregula - High Times
    The M Machine - Schadenfreude ( Tamtrun Desire Rmx)
    Wilkinson - Heart Break (Calyx & Teebee Rmx)
    Audio - Bag Of Bones
    Dc Breaks - Swag
    Dirty Phonics & Foreign Beggars - No Stopping Us (Smooth Rmx)
    Walking Def - Everything (Fourward Rmx)
    Skism - Elixir Vip
    Camo & Crooked - Feel Your Pulse (Mind Vortex Rmx)
    Mark Instinct - Bad Seed Vip
    Mediks Ft Mc Texas - Terminal

    P.S: if you like the mix you can download it for free at
    P.S.2: I hope I posted this thread in the right place hehe
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