New Glitch.FM Show! BWAMP RADIO w/ Integrated Grime Unit

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    The Grand-Mutha-Funkin'-Daddy of all shows has arrived! BWAMP RADIO hosted by Vancouver's notorious Glitch Crew

    Integrated Grime Unit (IGU)
    in partnership with

    Show Description
    "Bass music. Stuff that goes wah-wah, womp, bwamp!! Frequencies that shake your soul."

    Fridays, 8-10PM (CST)

    It's a fully stocked and loaded arsenal of talent. Let's go down the roster, shall we?

    Ill Esha
    Bio: For the last decade, ill-esha has been an integral part of the North American electronic scene. Beginning as a

    vocalist, she soon added MCing and DJing to her repertoire, creating a dynamic and unique live show which has headlined alongside

    artists such as Andy C, Klute, Dieselboy, and LTJ Bukem. ill-esha has performed in over 42 cities across North America and Europe,

    DJed on major television networks, and released top-selling vinyls on labels like Breakbeat Science, Outsider & Whisper Audio.

    Currently she also has two radio shows: a drum & bass Thursday weekly on and a glitch hop and dubstep Friday Weekly

    on Glitch.FM with the Integrated Grime Unit.
    Site: Ill Esha MySpace

    Dewey Decibel
    Bio: For the last decade, Dewey dB has been at the forefront of new music and technology. Inspired initially by the early

    hip hop/turntablism scene, Dewey found IDM while pursuing his electrical engineering degree and continues to be inspired by bass-

    heavy, glitchy sounds. He is one of the original founders of Toronto’s Dubslingers crew, a prolific force in Canadian dubstep for

    the last 4 years. Internationally, he has tirelessly promoted new music, running four popular websites (,,, and Currently located in Vancouver, Dewey has infiltrated the Integrated Grime Unit with

    his skills for building robots and ripping 8-bit samples. He is currently corrupting the West Coast with dubstep & glitch-hop in

    the studio & on the stage.
    Site: Dewey Decibel MySpace

    Glitchy & Scratchy
    Bio: Blah blah blah, we make fun music, blah blah.
    Site: Glitchy & Scratchy MySpace

    Myles Away
    Bio: Beautiful things happen when good people get together. Lets build a vibe. Lets build a community. There is only one

    thing more powerful than love and that is music. Lets take a trip. Myles Away is a musician/producer/DJ living and creating in

    Vancouver, BC. After years of writing music on his guitar and piano, electronic music with womping-bass lines and heavy beats took

    the forefront. Its hard to define genre for both his productions and live sets as they span them all: glitch hop to breaks to

    dubstep. It always seems to be evolving and is always delivered in a unique fashion with high energy and passionate performances.

    Myles Away produces most of his music with production partner NOG (of NOG and Chilly), under the name "School Days". Their remixes

    and originals have torn up many dance floors all over Vancouver and there are no signs of slowing. Summer 2009 is going to be a

    busy and productive time!
    Site: Myles Away MySpace

    Jay Wikid
    Site: Jay Wikid MySpace

    Site: Nog MySpace