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    Finally the wait is over! As of today .SHADYBRAIN MUSIC is ready to roll!!!

    Every month we will offer exclusive 320mp3 tunage through our homebase

    the first 4 tunes available to buy are:

    Stare - Gulfstream - Shadybrain00704001
    Pyro feat Kimera - So Unsure - Shadybrain00704002
    Phace - Blacksmoker - Shadybrain00704003
    Destination Unknown - Cylon - Shadybrain00704004

    each tune is just 1,59 Euro!
    payment works through paypal, so get your accounts ready!
    If Paypal is not supported in your country, please email us at and we`ll figure out a way to get you all satisfied!!!

    forthcoming .shadybrain releases:

    N.Phect & Diz:play - Inside The Hiv...dybrain00804001
    Pyro & 154 - Snowflakes - Shadybrain00804002
    Polarity - Saege -Shadybrain00804003
    Stare - Flush -Shadybrain00804004

    if you want to help us promoting please bring this information to all the local boards, et