New Generation 2 (Infrared)


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Nov 29, 2001
New Generation 2

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J Majik & Wickerman - "New Badness"

After the success of "No Badness" on Infrared's "New Generation 1", J Majik & Wickerman have come up with a new re-lick of the dance floor anthem. Starting with a female vocal loop, and branching into a House type riff, with a tight 2 step beat. The break fills with percussion as the intro progresses, then you hear the familiar bassline build-up in the background. Then we drop; Horns, bass, breaks, and the female vocal, this tune has gone off every time I heard it played out. "New Badness" has elements both the male and female raving massive will take to, making this one of the top tunes of the EP.

Sonic - "Air Raid"

Judging by Sonic's recent releases, I knew this would be on the Disco vibe. Kicking off with war sirens and smooth pads, dropping you into the familiar Disco style breakdown and build-up. This one drops heavy, and in a similar style to "New Generation" by J Majik on "New Generation 1". As the tune progresses, the smooth pads join the mix creating the drop into the 2nd breakdown, the war sirens build up once again, along with the 4/4 Disco style kicks. This is a must for anyone into the current Sonic & Silver Disco sound!

Cookie Monsters - "The Clown"

After hearing DJ Hype drop a slightly different version of this tune a long time ago, I always wondered what this was. It's pure heavyweight material from newcomers, Cookie Monsters. Kicking off with a wicked little vocal, a phat reece bassline, and housey stabs, you know this one will drop heavy from the outset. Tight 2 step break takes you towards the drop, the vocal repeats over and over, you know what's coming; Instant reload business!! Heavyweight reece, phat loud drums, with small vocal snippets. This is definitely my favourite on this EP, and it is sure to kill dance floors each and every time!

Wickerman - "Gremlins"

I believe Wickerman is an alias for an artist already on Infrared, but the tunes are definitely heavy, Wickerman features on three tracks on this EP. "Gremlins" kicks off with bouncy riff that wouldn't sound out of place on a Hazard or Twisted Individual production, closely followed by a strong 2 step break, with a heavy snare. This track leaves you wondering how it will turn out right up till the drop, then a sick, sick, reece bass hits you from nowhere!! Its all on from that point onwards, the drums change to a more aggressive pattern, this tune will send the most craziest crowd even crazier!! Filled with little vocal snippets and effects, the is my second favourite on this EP. Big up Wickerman, whoever you may be!

Wickerman - "Good Vibes"

Another hot joint from Wickerman, "Good Vibes" kicks off with a familiar "Good Vibrations" vocal. Tight beats and a wobbly style bassline makes this another standout tune from Wickerman.

Futurebound - "Billy The Kid"

Long-time Infrared artist, Futurebound, kicks off with a Latin style intro, with some "Billy The Kid" vocals laid over the top for good measure. You hear the bassline building up in the background, and once it drops you feel the full force. This tune is definitely the roller of the EP, it rolls in nicely, drops pretty heavy, and continues onward and upward from there on! Trademark Futurebound quality here, be sure to check this one out.

Overall, a very heavy EP, and well worth spending your hard earned ££ on. Something on there for all tastes, Infrared does it yet again! 9.5/10

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