new funky tune...sotalex : sky dive

ood stuff man, really funky, im into these kind of jazzy tunes wouldve appreciated some heavier bass though. Keep em coming!
i like the drums man, they sound nice n crisp. that buzzin sound gets a bit much i reckon tho. good ideas with the samples, jus think u could mix them up a bit more to get away from the repetition. liking the half time bit with the black guy samples...
yes i love the jazziness it all goes really well i think, also agree with the slight over-use of that buzzing sound but great track
nice vibes man! remindined me of a british gangster movie for some reason haha!

really feeling this tune. Mayby add a bit more to the drums here and there, and work on some of the noises that the others have mentioned and you will have a top class mellow track. keep it up
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