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Philth is addicted to music; it is his breath and his lifeblood. A music teacher by day and DJ/producer by night, a more driven man you will not find. The very definition of ‘signature sound’, his heady mix of distorted filth & saturated breakbeats is the fuel behind a meteoric rise, turning the heads of the scene’s top DJs and talent spotters.

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As one would expect given the track titles, neither tune beats about the bush. The menacing, rumbling intro of Destroyer leads directly to philthy overdriven bass rips before dropping into a stomping, claustrophobic rhythm with which even the most nimble of foot will struggle to keep pace.

Genocide presents a slightly friendlier façade for all of 40 seconds before again taking a snarling turn darkwards, this time into a tearing, swaggering stepper. If, as the sample suggests, this is the future of the human race, a stab-proof vest may be a wise investment.

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