New from Cirrus! Out Today on AutomAte Deep


AutomAte Deep has a tradition of reaching to all corners of the globe, leaving no stone unturned in the quest for deep, thought-provoking drum & bass. American artist Cirrus, representing the fifth continent touched by the label, lays down a brace of captivating soundtracks, combining heavy elements with compelling atmospherics to arrive at an especial, introspective result.

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Way Out is a pensive journey through space and time, exploring the concepts of creation and self. A weighty rhythm and bass provide forward momentum while an expertly crafted, airy lead sets a kaleidoscopic mood in which we really could be flying through the vast reaches of intergalactic space.

Strange Things brings a supernatural, twilight zone vibe and eccentrically selected samples. Deep and hypnotic, the trance is broken only by the sporadic punctuation of heavily saturated breakbeats and celestial echoes.

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