DnB New forthcoming Drum and Bass EP to comment/feedback - Destro - The Priestess of the Moon EP pt. 2

Destro Bass

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Oct 1, 2012
Huntington Beach, CA
Destro - The Priestess of the Moon EP Pt. 2

Genres: Drum and bass, Jungle, Dark step, wobbler, 90s Rave, Roller, Goth Wave
-4 weird and dark rituals that will send any dancefloor spiraling to their fates....

Getting lots of great feedback from all around, was wondering if you had some words of wisdom on any of these tracks would be greatly appreciated!
The Priestess of the Moon EP Pt. 2 will be available 11/20/20 on Bandcamp.com, and 12/11/20 on all over mp3 and streaming sites, such as spotify, Beatport, Juno, iTunes, etc.

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