New EP by Seibel incl FREE Download by Kaiza+Bassrk (T3K)

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    Kaiza, Bassrk and T3K Recordings present another
    one from the vault. They seem to be generous these
    days, so you can download this full mp3 by Kaiza
    and Bassrk called "Flora (Revisited)" plus you
    can check more free stuff recently pushed out via
    Nocid Business Recordings (go to the Soundcloud
    of this label and get three more tunes called
    "Psychophonix", "Locked In" and "Evo" featuring
    Wreckage Machinery for free). Enjoy the tracks
    and be sure to hear more from these guys very soon!



    Seibel from St Pete, Russia, is now
    residing in Cologne, Germany and working
    on very promising material for all lovers
    of smart and rolling neurofunk drum & bass.
    This EP is not only containing his very own
    and unique tracks but also a good example
    of his talent to remix other artists music:
    in this case he remodeled a track that came out
    on T3K recordings a certain while ago. And
    what great results we have to present to you!


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