New EP by Bone incl FREE tunes by Rune+Kaiza (T3K)

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    T3K Recordings is about to hit you with more
    stuff from Rune and Kaiza. After they have been
    making some waves with releases on Maztek`s imprint
    Subculture Music, some tracks on legendary
    Citrus Recordings, Syndrome Audio and Disturbed
    Recordings and a few others plus their forthcomings
    on Ammunition Recordings, Broken Audio and Structured
    Music, they now give you some freebies to play out and
    roll that shit right. And in case you missed the "Rehab EP":
    you can still grab it for free. So, that seems to be a
    massive load of T3KNOLOGY for all you supporters.
    Keep it grinding!



    Please welcome Bone from Tallinn, Estonia
    on board of the spaceship called T3K Recordings.
    This man made some serious waves recently. He took
    the world by storm when hitting the streets with
    "Structured" featuring Kryptomedic on the mic.
    And he did not hold back after this blaster. Another
    EP followed via Authentic Music which is out now and
    also signings on Broken Audio, IM:LTD, Offworld
    Recordings and Break-Fast-Audio show the versatility
    and meaningfulness of this guy and his music.
    Two examples can be heard on this release and so
    dont wait no more and go get "Departure" and "KG City"
    instantly in all major mp3 outlets.
    This is quality for real!


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