new dutch label Counter Intelligence 001 - Resound & Paradox

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check out the soundclips of the first release on my label, Counter Intelligence, up @ the doa sounds page

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vinyl will make its way into stores EARLY january just after the Christmas up the wall busy period.....put some info here for you >>


Label: Counter Intelligence Recordings
Artist(s): Resound vs Paradox
A Title: Circular Structure
AA Title: Circular Structure (Paradox Drumfunk Remix)
Release Date:January 2005
Promo Date: early January 2005
Media Format: 1 x 12" vinyl
Distributed By: SRD


What you have before you is the very first release from Counter Intelligence Recordings, a new label based out of Tilburg in the Netherlands. For the inaugural release we have enlisted the fine production talents of Finland’s Resound to do the honours of kicking off the label.


Resound or Ilpo Kärkkäinen as his friends and family know him by has been involved in music from a very early age. Ilpo got his start playing traditional Finnish instruments then moved onto playing bass and guitar in a punk band before starting to dabble with electronics in and around 1995. Since that time he has kept himself very busy with sound production for short films, commercials, jingles, television as well as helping other producers and bands achieve their sounds. Resound also has a steady release output on such labels Covert Operations, Leet, Warm Communications and now Counter Intelligence. He has done remixes for ASC, Dephazz, Blaktroniks and Bergheim 34. Needless to say one must wonder if he ever sleeps.


Side A. Resound – Circular Structure

What Resound brings us is a deep and moving number called “Circular Structure”. It kicks of with subtle keys and precisely placed sweeps that help usher in a crisp yet punchy break. The keyboard line is retained throughout the track and helps pulling the listener into a trance. Fans of 720 Degrees, Covert Operations right through to Certificate 18 will find many pleasing elements within “Circular Structure” to keep them grooving.

Side B. Resound – Circular Structure (Paradox Drumfunk Remix)

For those who like their drums right at the forefront will go nuts for Paradox’s “Drumfunk Remix” of “Circular Structure”. In true Paradox fashion he stripped it right down to the bare essentials and rebuilt it from the ground up. The “Drumfunk Remix” retains the keyboard work of the original, but completely overhauls the drums and bassline into a monster of a track that is bound to make the more clued up dancefloors lose it.

With such a strong introduction and forthcoming music from the likes of Alpha Omega, Polska and Macc (including a remix by Beta 2) you know Counter Intelligence is a label people will be talking about at a very early stage in the game. 2 free digital downloads from Dak at our website!

DJ support Alley Cat, Bailey, Code, ESB, Flight, John Doe, Nucleus, Resound, Senses

Counter Intelligence launch party with Paradox live PA: 15-01-2005 @ 013 Tilburg, Netherlands. Check for details.

promosheet by ESB.