New Drum N Bass track for review, build up an drop


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Aug 13, 2013
It's not terrible, worth finishing to see where it goes... the lead is a nice little motif that sits nicely arrangement wise, good idea there.

I think the drums are punchy enough personally, but they are getting swamped a bit by leads and chords- work on mixing techniques to make them sit together better.
I've never been sure about space filling pads in DnB... usually people use a really thick bass instead, but don't feel constrained by convention if you want the track to focus on chords rather than bass.

It's a little rhythmically dull, especially the chords- try doing some weird rhythmic patterns to make it more syncopated and interesting.... draw them in on the piano roll if you have trouble visualizing them in your head.

Also consider adding some 'ghost snares' (lighter quieter snares) on the offbeats to give a breakbeat feel. (Listen to Noisia- Could This Be for the kind of drums I'm talking about)
This isn't something you should always do, just something I personally think might be good, so ignore if you like.


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Oct 6, 2013
The Netherlands
Yes, the drums need more punch and space. I would also consider to draw in some automation to keep the main bass moving, now its just one dull note
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