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what up guys? I am new to this board but since it is a DnB board I just wanted to let you know about a new record label that is out. If you like Drum and Bass then you have to hear our audio's... This is all new artists we have signed. The music is dope. I would apprecite your feedback. Also if you are a DnB producer and would like us to listen to your stuff feel free to send it to the address listed on the site. We would be happy to give it a listen. Check it out please!!! The midwest dance music scene is getting massive.. thanks
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Nice clean site, nice clean should call this label Cleanalism!!!!

I see your an American based label, any chance these tunes will/have seen the light of day in England? Rawtee sounds like a very promosing producer, i'm loving 'Myth' too much!! Actually i'm more than loving it, I fucking need it now!! Ohh Plan 9, 'Opus' I love the slow choas that enreigns when it drops.'Get Down' is just pure cheekiness!! 'Ginsu' is scary like a spirally reecy Temple of Doom..baaaaad!!'Teacup' remind's me of an old Ram tune crossed with a very definate Virus influence, again..............baaaaaad!!!

Definate big things off this label, espeicially Rawtee!!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on 'Myth'! I really really really want that tune, please distribute to England!!!

Damn fine start to a very promising label :applause: :2thumbs:

Charlie Van Pelt

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MC Motion said:
Definate big things off this label, espeicially Rawtee!!!!
I remember that dude - "Ghost Walk" and "Freakline" still rock. :slayer:

*EDIT* I just saw that "Ghost Walk" is getting a proper release - excellent!

Chuck :who_wants
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