New DnB Website Project!!!


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Hey all,

I and a few of my mates are going to be starting a new website, where the DnB producers can publish their work for people to listen to (we will make sure they can not download it or rip it). Also the community will be able to comment on the music. This will hopefully if the site becomes popular then maybe the record labels might be able to see the talent, etc.
Also there will be your usual, reviews on records, events, music hardware and interviews of producers and maybe some big names in the DnB scene.

Basically, im lookin for people who are well into their DnB and know their stuff. There are certain jobs going, we will need News posters, reviewers, interviewers, also we need all the help with the site. So if you are a webmaster, good at web design or coding. Maybe your best mate runs a small hosting business that could help us out(as there is going to be quite alot of memory needed for these mixes).

There is no money involved in this, this is totally voluntery, something to give to the community and a place for peeps to find the latest on DnB, along with seeing the new talent out there, and giving them a chance, etc.
And as always a bit of fun, for everyone :)

If you want anymore details, or are intresting in helping out. Please reply to this message or contact me directly on