New Dnb Track

I don't think the pad sits that well with the guitar in the intro, maybe bring up the level of the guitar and push back the pad? Drums sound nice, could the snare poke through anymore? I like the bass. I don't really like the riff at 2:15 think it sounds a bit cheesy. Breakdown is nice.

I think that trancey riff is probably the worst thing about the tune, take that out and it sounds solid :)
thanks for the feedback. i remastered it allready the kicks and snares are louder the pad at the begining is now better. But i did not upload the newer version because i don´t wanted to lose the counter on this one. The ravey stab which begins in 2:15 is the heart of the track and i won´t take it out, this track is an old one done some years ago and i wanted to get a newer sounding but without the stab its not the track. Thanks for this review
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