New DnB Track: The Beast


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Feb 18, 2009
Not bad man, lovin the atmospherics alot:) Drums are abit simple and robotic for my taste would do with more percussion. Needs more bass too! but definitly liking what im hearing!

Fyl Syf

Oct 31, 2010
Nottingham, UK
Cool, thanks a lot for listening and thanks for the feedback :). I've started experimenting with a few effects on the synths and I'm liking the results so far. The drums were a bit of an experiment also, but I think I'll be reverting back to the old way I do drums. The 909 type kick sound I used in this track is a bit too much to try and mix with the other drum sounds. I do agree that I need to work on my drums to make them sound a little less robotic, so I'll see what I can do about that :).

Thanks again :).

Jolly Jumpa

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Dec 24, 2007
Nice intro, but the beat is way too loud coming in, and it seems a little distorted.
Where's the lean in? Drop came out of no where, there should be at least some sort of lead up.
Bass is a little weak, maybe hit the 50-70Hz's up a little. The layered bass was too high, maybe push it down a little.
Beats' cymbals are too sporatic, you should either make them all the time with a groove or don't put em in. They're a little distracting, and a little too panned.
Really liked @ 2:30~ the pad came in and got louder, pad made a lot of imact, good on yah.
Keep it up,


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Jun 19, 2009
Denver, CO
sounds like it needs a mixdown, but the ideas sound pretty good. drums do sound a little over-distorted to me, but good sounds man.
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