New DNB related podcast...UA on the DL.. Music/Comedy and more

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    Hey all

    Well I'm a new poster, I run a podcast where we feature artists, promoters, supporters...just..we have alot of fun..

    I'd LOVE to get other areas involved..maybe like phone interviews, or skype..scene reports..I dunno...shoot me your ideas how you'd like to get involved..we're getting 1000+ people listening a week and thats world wide...

    hit me up on aim- Tak825

    please check out for updates..or subscribe via Itunes with this

    Our most recent Episode is 13 w/ APX-1 and Iray

    but check out some of our past shows

    Download the mp3's-

    Episode 7 w/ DJ Silver (Nemesis Recordings)

    Episode 1 w/ Reid Speed and Xander Nasty-

    Episode 12 w/ Ultraviolet and Kozee (Dupstep edition)-
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