New DNB Producers Here...

Hi everyone, Im a rock guitarist and hihpop producer/engineer from australia...

Ive been getting into some drum and bass...some productions I find bland and boring, others blow me away. I have been listening to dieselboy and tech itch a bit and some ez rollers...

Another producer friend of mine and I have built our 1st dnb track.
We only used samples/breaks with the drums, the rest we wrote with synth...
My friend is primarily a logic user, but I use FL studio for putting beats together and he produces with me at my studio, so we are using FL Studio 9.

Ill be posting a link to it as soon as I can in the mix section after I finish this msg.
I hope to get feedback since im new to drum and bass music, and collaborate with other producers here, perhaps share knowledge and advice on a range of topics...

Regards to all

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