New DnB Producer: !ZOMG?


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Dec 25, 2011
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I like it so far!

So! I create DnB, I work with Flstudio 10, I am also 14. I have been producing quite some time. I have learnt about EQ'ing and resampling, how different VST's function, some music theory etc. etc.

I'm straving to become a somewhat known DnB/Drumstep artist and yeah, this is me! :D

BTW I also posted a topic on the forum some hours ago!:!-Replies-very-much-appreciated!-)
And I also have a Youtube channel here:

I really want some feedback, constructive criticism, opinions. I REALLY want to improve!

So yeah, Hi! ^^

welcome, i'll check your tracks out later! checdk out the production sub-forum, it's always full of good tips and tricks :2thumbs:
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