New DNB from Hamburg, Germany


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I'm no expert, but it seems a bit crowded in places. I like that fact that you've got two lead piano parts which play at the same time, keep that, but I'm not sure about the strings and the hat as well? Maybe fiddle with it so that you keep all the parts, they just come in at different times and a bit more sparsely. That would also make it a bit more varied.
It's very very close to being a slow house track. If you put a kick on beats 1 & 3, then you'll see what I mean. If it's 180bpm, then it's basically a 90bpm house track without the 4 to the floor.

The bass seems to be house as well, it's kinda like if you had a bass with loads of sidechaining on it and then removed the kick that it was sidechained to? Does that make sense?

The levels of the different parts are ok, the melodies are nice, and I like the two part piano bit. All the parts apart from the drums and the bass seem to gel well together.