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[size=+2]Future Prophecies/Switch Technique[/size]
Wonderland VIP / The Persecutor [SECTION8 001D]

An epic tune, "Wonderland", by Future Prophecies was released to the world in 2005 and now has been remixed exclusively for's new hardstep/tech label, Section8. This release features a new mix-down of the Wonderland tune and labeled a VIP remix featuring the epic intro from the original tune but with a more energetic windup and modernized mash-up style drum and bass breaks. On the flipside is an amen killer by Switch Technique entitled "The Persecutor". Both these tunes are tried and tested dance floor smashers.

Available for download @ Chemical, Juno, and Digital-Tunes.

[size=+2]Current Value featuring Snow[/size]
The Power / Unleashed [SECTION8 002D]

This release has brought a new sound to the hardstep/techno dnb movement. Current Value's relentless militant drums vs. Snow's pristine vocals make this release a prominent one for DnbRadio's hardstep/tech label, Section8.

Find these online at Chemical, Juno, and Digital-Tunes.

[size=+2]Savage Rehab[/size]
Tech Treatment EP [SECTION8 003D]

Savage Rehab have graced us with 4 floor banging new tunes that we are proud to put out on Section8's digital catalog.

1 Imperial - Savage Rehab (6:33)
2 X,Y - Savage Rehab (6:55)
3 The End Is Nigh - Savage Rehab (6:58)
4 Euro Party - Savage Rehab (6:33)

Grab these from Chemical, Juno, and Digital-Tunes and other major digital distro's.

Under Fire EP [SECTION8 004D]

His sound has run the edge of the dark step sounds in drum and bass for years now. Diode's sound has made it into Section8's catalog with 4 strong neuro bits that are tried and tested on dance floors. There is also more to come from this madman of an artist and producer.

Find this release in various digital shops such as Chemical, Juno, and Digital-Tunes.