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    beatalistics records / HiVitality proudly announce:

    beatdig 002 Er.iC - “El Grande Baile“ / Er.iC & Hiten - “Contrast“
    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: mp3 exclusicve pre-release date: 23th of october 2006

    After the huge success of beatalistics first digital-only release - Dub Tao’s dub bass reggae smasher "More Trouble” (beatdig001) is the current No 1 of the beatport drumnbass download charts! - the next mp3 tunes are about to enter the drumnbass arena: two impressive liquid funk rollers produced by the up-and-coming german artist Er.iC. “El Grande Baile”, taken from the upcoming mix cd “HiVitality - vital styles of drumnbass” (beatalistics002), is a happy roller with boombastic bass. “Contrast”, co-produced by Hiten, continues beatalistics' small series of reggae flavoured drumnbass tunes and features a reggae sample that definetly stays in mind once you’ve heard it. A real drumnbass hit single!
    Download now @ or!

    the artist


    While doing their daily online acquisition Stadler&Waldorf, label heads of beatalistics records, came across some tunes of Er.iC. They were impressed by his ability of producing drumnbass music in such versatility and swift to sign the tracks “El Grande Baile” and “Contrast”, which enlarge beatalistics records’ digital repertoire of soulful drumnbass music. This up-and-coming artist from Rostock/Germany owns a big talent. Hopefully these are not the last Er.iC tunes on beatalistics records!

    the label

    beatalistics is a record label for club music based in Bremen/Germany and founded by the DJs Stadler&Waldorf. beatalistics releases on CD, vinyl or mp3 are both: dancefloor tools for club DJs and sparkling sound sources for home hifi systems. Instead of disturbing with industrial coldness they flatter your ears with organic sound - vital styles of urban grooves.
    The record label’s first focus will be on soulful drumnbass. In autumn 2006 a series of releases - three vinyl 12” records as samplers from a cd compilation named “HiVitality” and also MP3 versions of the tunes - will enter the drumnbass arena. In 2007 beatalistics is going to release breakbeat and bigbeat records as well, while the number of “HiVitality” drumnbass tunes will increase constantly.

    releases of beatalistics records

    Syncopix – “Toasty”
    Young Ax – “Funkee Fresh”

    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: 12" vinyl record / mp3
    release date: october 2006

    Henree - “U Do It Right”
    Dub Tao - “More Trouble”

    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: mp3
    release date: october 2006

    "HiVitality - vital styles of drumnbass"
    feat. 17 producers

    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: mixed cd / mp3
    release date: january 2007

    Bass Tikal & LF Flow - “The Swing Step”
    Kareemo - “These Eyes”

    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: mp3
    release date: november 2006

    Loxy&Amaning – “25th HR”
    Social Security – “Trip 2 The Stars”

    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: 12" vinyl record / mp3
    release date: november 2006

    Dub Tao – “More Trouble”
    MTC Yaw – “Dirty Diamond”

    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: 12" vinyl record / mp3
    release date: january 2007

    HiVitality is a brand of beatalistics records

    beatalistics records
    Bismarckstrasse 78
    28203 Bremen

    +49 (0) 421 - 20 64 671
    AIM: beatalistics