New Digital Label Eighty Three Audio / 83 Audio

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    Eighty Three Audio is a brand new Digital Record Label based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and was founded in 2013. Our aim is to release high quality Drum & Bass music whilst not tying ourselves down to any of the sub genres which have now emerged from within the scene.

    We are looking at working with both New and Established artists from both the UK or based internationally and aim to give new artists a stepping stone at the start of their careers or already established artists another outlet for their growing catalogues.

    Should you wish to find out more about the label, future release schedule or any other information regarding Eighty Three Audio then please email us via

    For submission of Demo’s for potential release please send these to: Or alternatively contact us by any of the below:

    Aim: 83AudioDubs
    Soundcloud: 83-Audio
    Facebook: 83Audio
    Twitter: Eighty3Audio
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    Sigh......yet another digital label crawling out the woodwork that will probably never send a single penny to their artist's from track sales!