new dark track

This is my new track which I made about a month ago, haven't had time to do a proper mastering so the structure will propably still change a bit from this version. I use Renoise since I've messed with trackers all my life and it's a software that fits for my needs just
perfectly. I'd like all you who are going to write some comments to this song to be honest, if it's shit in your opinion just say so. That won't rock my boat and I find it quite useless to hype and say good about something that's not:shake:. I find it much more constructive to hear about the things people don't like about it.

dar kist

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i like the start of the intro, very dreamy/tripy.

drums need to be punchier, try layering your kick and snare a lil bit.

really like the bass line man,

i think if you sorted the drums out a bit, brought them up to the same level as the bass line ( b line seems a lil over powering) then i would be a seriously cool track man.

mybe you could put a lil more variation on the b line to.

im really digging the atmosphere of the over all track man. very dark, cool fx and sounds in there bro.

what plug in you using to make that bass ?


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hats off to you Psykonautti m8 this is some quality drum n bass.
the 1st part of the intro didnt do it for me where you've drop the drums in with the keys (maybe low pass filter the drums in???) but as soon as the synth comes in its all over and my head was nodding all the way.

|How long have you been producing for?
some info

Nice to have some responses so quickly... I really appreciate it.

Well, first of all dar kist, I really get what your saying about the balance of the drums and bass. That is a problem which will be fixed in the final mastering, I'll render the track into separate tracks and take those to my friends home where he has a studio set up. There we'll be able to use more efficiently side-chain comp's & stuff and balance it more. The breaks I' ve already cut on to separate tracks (bd, sd, ride, etc...) and cut the empty unused frequencys from each track , but later much more focus will be given to that.
It's really too long of a list to tell all the fx in the basses, there are 3 tracks of basses which all have 2-3 send channels doing various fx stuff on it but at the end of any chain that has frequencys below 200-300Hz I'll put otiumFX Basslane to make those freq's mono. There are lot's of lfo, various filtters, distortions and stuff on the bass.

and to answer mrwobalz question, I've now been using Renoise for about 5 years. I used alot of fast tracker 2 when I was in my teens, hence my devotion to this type of composing. I've also played the drums for over 18 years and have been in various bands so music isn't just a hobby for me, it's a way of life. As is drum & bass also, some hate it and some love it, I just simply could not live without it.

thanks for your comments guys..


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whoa-vick likey-big choon bro sounds aces to me
love the drum line and the bassline makes me want to shoot things
love the amen cuts mang - sick shit