new dark hardcore mix mp3 hi & lo

electric tribe

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Oct 21, 2002
just uploaded a new mix to site some old some new tuneage. Had a staggering 3000 hits on the last mix from last winter so thought it time to do a new one.

2 versions up high quality one 192kps about 80mb and a lower one in mono at 33mb. 57 mins.


artist track label

1. dlb agent bond ectopic
2. ? ? hellrazor
3. mega 2 ? f project
4. dark man ? f project
5. orca ? lucky spin
6. alk-e-d super Sunday kfa hand flex wip lash de underground
8. omni trio be there moving shadow
9. dj kingsize bassix 1 panic project
10. lewi cifer heat daddy armshouse
11. uncle 22 your risk rmx in touch
12.edge of darkness come together (after dark remix) adr
13. dj skywalker killerwhale (electric tribe remix) ectopicbeats
14. chaos & julia set fear the future recoil
15.tango & fallout further intrigue tf
16.noise factory fire 3rd party
17. johnny jungle johnny face
18. eeze g ? mri
19. a sides jurrassic park bear necessities
20. hyper on experience thunder grip moving shadow
21. tango can't stop the rush 93 rmx formation
22. alec empire hardcore gal digital hardcore


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