New D&B promos & releases 15th May, with audio!

New D&B promos & releases 15th May 2006


BLIND008 Bungle – The Wall / Sky High [Blindside] A B
CRSE043 Mutt & Rhizone – Sin City / Sickness [Creative Source] A B
CRSE044 Redeyes – I Live / Find A Way [Creative Source] A B
ENM001 Teebee / Teebee, Form & Mike Engine – Don’t Lie To Me / Postmodern [Engine Music] A B
PC061 Code Blue & The Panacea – Graveyard Twist / Headstone Shuffle [Position Chrome] A B
SOSTUD008 Mathematics – Fool’s Gold / Qur’an [Social Studies] A B
FREAK020 Dylan & Raiden – Futures Futile / Precherman [Freak] A B
OUTSIDE013 Paradox – Ultimate Ngative / Breakdown [Outsider] A B
HBT015 Gein – Telepathy (feat. Bitzfiend) / Hell [Habit] A B
BOOTIE001 Unknown vs Sizzla – Stabbed In The Back (Original / Instrumental) [Bootie] A B
CONGONATTY010 Top Cat – Sensi Crisis EP [Congo Natty] A B
CYMB006 State of Mind / Unknown Error – Jackal / Into The Night [Cymbalism] A B
DA017 Drunken Masters & Weva feat. Fatman D – Evil That Men Do [Dope Ammo] A B
NBEATS001 UK Apache & J Frequency – Badman (Vocal / Instrumental) [Nuttah Beats] A B
OLR001 Soundclash – Magik Rhodes / All Night Long [Outta London] A B


BINGO043 Le Funken / Roy Davis Jnr – Stand Up (Makoto remix) / Lost Tapes (Qualified remix) [Bingo] A B
CIALP004 Total Science – Mars Needs Total Science [C.I.A.]
a. Magic Touch listen
b. Worldwide Connect feat. DJ Craze listen
c. Be My Twin listen
d. Punisher (Futurebound & Entity remix) listen
NHS106 Future Sound Of Cambridge [Hospital]
a. The Cambridge Four (Nu:Tone/Logistics/Commix) – When Pilots Eject listen
b. Nu:Tone – Boy Who Lost His Smile listen
c. Logistics – Never Ending Story listen
d. Commix – Scarlet listen
DIS018 Stress Level & TC1 / Funky Technicians [Dispatch] A B
FIX018 Splittin Atoms – Hook Line & Sinker / Peppermint Rhino [Fix] A B
REVREC008 Propaganda / Counterstrike – Temptress / Everchanging [Revolution] A B
SUBTITLES051 State of Mind – Money Train / Angels ‘n’ Thieves [Subtitles] A B
SUBTITLES052 Misantrop – Perfect Happiness / Criterion [Subtitles] A B
SPACER016 Sonic & Silver – The Return of Sonic & Silver EP [Space]
a. Sonic – House Is A Way Of Life listen
b. Sonic – Freedom Dub listen
c. Silver – Tronik House listen
d. Silver – Push Da Pram listen
CYANIDE019 Bulletproof – Reckless Abandon / Deliverance [Cyanide] A B
FFRECS002 Neil Mac & AMC – C1 Music / Suelo Masalto [Frequency Factory] A B
FREAK019 Limewax & SPL – Limewax & SPL EP [Freak]
a. 666 listen
b. Spirit listen
c. The Assailant listen
d. Empty Studio listen
OUTSIDE012 Macc – Proper Trouble / Be Like Water [Outsider] A B
HBT014 The Chosen – Adversity / The Mole [Habit] A B
SHOUT010 Unknown – Lion Raw / Road Long [Shout] A B
OBLITERATI003 various – Satisfaction of Giving Up [Obliterati]
a. Silent Killer – Corpse listen
b1. Submerged – Burn Down The Projects listen
b2. 0=0 – The Goal listen
c. Temulent – Chatterbox listen
d1. Submerged & Accela – Voices (Enduser remix) listen
d2. Temulent – Uber Alles listen
LIQWEED004 Wickaman & Hoodlum – Sub Tub / Hold On (To Your Horns) [Liqweed Ganja] A B
THZON001 Task Horizon – Turn It Up (feat. Elephant Man) / Voltron [Thzon] A B
UC006 Chris Paul & Mia V – Portugese Loving / Make Noise [Under Construction] A B
XS003 Soundclash – Lockdown / Stealth [XS] A B

CIA004CD Total Science – Mars Needs Total Science [C.I.A.]
SUBTITLESCD004 various – Subliminal Vol. 1 [Subtitles]

KNOW81 Knowledge Magazine – Total Science cover [Knowledge]


Laughter in the Slaughter
VIP Junglist
Teebee, Form & Mike Engine -----> dope single

Plus i have been waiting to see the cover art on the full release of SUBTITLES051 & SUBTITLES052.