New Crew in Seattle!


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Dec 2, 2010
Dear World,

Our name is Datapush. It can be defined as: a transfer of data controlled by the sender.

We are a collective of five dj's that aim to bring a fresh vibe of countless styles to the Seattle scene and beyond.

Our goal is simple: Play Drum and Bass in all its forms.

The five Dj's are: Nicfit, Undertone, Lunch Money, Dunjin, and Plague.
We have a lot of things on our minds and hope to progress this thriving Northwest dnb community with new idea's, attitudes, and fresh faces behind the decks. We have a show in the works, as well as a mixtape series. All due with the new year ahead.

We thank you for bringing us into the community with open arms and hope to return the favor in 2011.

Cheers for now,
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