new compilation from local producers in Asia (out now on Mettāsonic)


Aug 20, 2013
howdy all,

we recently released our 2nd album from local producers (bassed in china, japan, HK, & taiwan). it contains a variety of styles, but mostly drum & bass. it was a lot of work and time in the making, i have no idea what i'm doing as a label but it's good to finally get it out.

and it's a free DL so hop on it & dig deeper on the artists if you like what you hear.

artwork was done by my lady, our official artist. we also printed 100 CDs. tunes were mastered by rob small. and it's a free DL but if there are any profits, 1/3 goes to the needy as with all releases.


here is the first album from last year, which is also a free download.

stay tuned for a new EP from japan, & thanks for listening!
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