CMBT 025


Amex & Kaiza is a pair of uncompromising drumandbass heads from Germany's

drumandbass capital mannheim who started joining forces in early 2004. After a

while of getting ideas set they merge drumandbass and techno in a very unique way.

This duo involves production and engineering skills (Amex started producing

in 1996; Kaiza`s first steps can be dated to years 1997/98 paused until 2004)

as well as DJ Knowledge (Kaiza started deejaying 1996) focusing on straight

dancefloor oriented forms of drumandbass. their very own way consists of putting

explicit technoid patterns into a dnb context which derives from

their socialisation through all kinds of electronic music, especially german forms.

nowadays their production scheme is mostly influenced by german and scandinavian

techno. thus, their combination of self-built structure, instinct/intuition and

consciousness is about to bring new threads to exisiting dnb conservativism.

Recent releases can be found on vinyl (shrinz on tilt003 and sourcream on

tilt004) and/or mp3 (egoschwein rmx as t-free004 and schlontz as t-free011).

further works will feature remixes of notable techno producers and respected

dnb artists, as well as collaborations. more releases on tilt recordings are

scheduled. these two dynamic and fresh producers will hit the scene with more

innovative ideas and progressive realizations.

be prepared...


CMBT 024


Cold Jazz was exposed to many different types of music growing up, but electronic music, jazz and reggae were the musical styles that laid the foundation of his musical journey. Around 1993 he discovered hip-hop and drum &bass. He was the producer in the hip-hop crew "Colab", which made a name in the local underground hip hop scene in north Sweden. It was also around this time Cold Jazz studio started to grow more rapidly, which it has kept doing over the years that passed — as did his interest in sound engineering. And in 1999-2000 he received degree in sound engineering. Since then he's been involved with quite a few projects, both as an artist, producer and sound engineer.

In 2003, he moved to Stockholm where he met Wezzler, and started their collaboration.

Wezzler In the mid 90’s he discovered his passion for drum & bass and other breakbeat oriented electronic music. Along with producing, he spent 4 hours a day at the turntables, learning the art of mixing. He released his first record "New World / Breaks Ahead" on Swedish label VMR (now defunct). Wezzler became involved in the Swedish drum & bass scene 1998, soon becoming a key figure in the Stockholm scene and throughout Sweden. Wezzler has played most of the major cities of Sweden, and has been a frequent name in well known clubs like, “Klubb Rekyl,” “dB,” “Big Bad Bass," and many more. He’s also been a returning name to the Sun Dance Festival in Estonia. Wezzler was one of the names behind the Stockholm based crew “Soundfiction”, who were responsible for many talked about events.

In 2004 Cold Jazz & Wezzler bought a studio in the central parts of Stockholm, to focus more on their music.


CMBT 023


LIO - Mono-man dnb band. Born to the world in 1982. Raised in Reykjavík, Iceland. Programming beats and basses since 2000. There are five ways to sense and perceive the world around us and the one we have used for the longest is our hearing. From the rhythm of our mothers heart inside her womb, to our own when we take our last breathes, there it is, the rhythm of life. For my parts, the gift of being able to make and enjoy music is one of the most privileged gifts of them all. Because when music sounds good, it isnt just an alternation of empty air's pressure against the eardrums; it forms into a world of exotic shapes and colors and creates places that cannot be described with words, pictures, Euclidian or non-Euclidian mapping. It does not exist. Its a whole new world within a mind of a sole creature amongst billions of others soles who wonder this planed just like me, and you. There is something special about good music, its universal. It does not matter if its opera or country drum and bass... We recognize it immediately because we are drawn into this world of indescribable elements, world of where we seek comfort or action, hence I welcome you... to my place... in the world of sounds.