New Bryan G interview we've done: good read(:


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his only downfall is him being a fan of chelsea Lastly I know you’re the biggest Chelsea fan what are your thoughts on Ancelotti?

Bryan G: First we have to talk about being robbed in the Champions League and why we weren’t playing Man United in the final, cos they didn’t hold it up against Barcelona. We should have 2 trophies this year, as a Tottenham man you have to agree? I do I do you were robbed (laughs)

Bryan G: Any fan has to say it, it was a fucking disgrace (laugh), we got robbed nuff times, then it looks like we were moaning, people hate because we fling money on the table, it’s not like with Milan and them teams who have a long history, just cos we fling money down people hate on us. Chelsea don’t need friends. Last year we missed it by one slip, this season we got robbed. We got Ancelotti now, Roman will fling more money down, Zhirkov is in the bag which is big, hopefully we can get Villa. Drogba ain’t going no where, you can’t buy a man like that star, you can play him by himself, he’s a bully two strikers in one, no matter how many times he fuck up, he loves Arsenal he ruined Senderos (Laughs)


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He seems pretty clueless about his football

Zhirkov is in the bag which is big - Really. Came out and said he wants to move to Barcelona or else he'll stay where he is
hopefully we can get Villa - Wants to stay in Spain
Drogba ain’t going no where - May be true but everyone else in the country wants this twat to leave the country