New BreakPirates Internet Show for Unsigned trax

DJ Chance

New Member
Mar 29, 2002
I'm going to be starting a show on every Monday between 8-9pm. The theme of the show will be to play tunes by people who have had nothing released, are making tunes for fun, maybe starting out or hoping to have something released in the future. It will be a window for your tunes to be heard, All I need is an MP3 of your trax or a link of somewhere to download from and will look to play the best of the bunch. So anyone who is producing at the minute and would like to hear there trax played drop us line at .

The styles will be varied but Nu-Old Skool(or whatever you wish to call it) DnB, Jungle, Breaks etc.... will be the flava. I'm hoping the first show will be going out in the next few weeks.

Please leave your thoughts if you feel this could work and be a chance for people to get there tunes heard.
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