New Blood

My names kieran im 20 years old and have been listening to drum and bass for about 4-5 years.

I enjoy drum and bass for the vibes and warm heavy bass's.
the speed of the music is perfect and upbeat.

I got my first set of decks about 4 years ago and have taken it from there.

i admire all types of the scene but jump up is my weapon of choice,Dj pleasure,Dj Sly,Eddie K,Origin,P.A,Mutated form's,Jayline,Butcher,Hoax and many more i feel are doin there part in the new generation of drum and bass

i want to excell my status in the drum and bass scene and would like to network as much as possible ive made a few bits but nothing special, i would like to learn alot more about production and technology :rave: