new bassbin 12'' O MY god!!!!

Originally posted by Dice (Bambu)
next 12" on bassbin

BB1207 (release expected around May)


A. Disco 45
-->already being caned by Dara, Bailey amongst others...heavy amen bizniz and check out the sub dropping in!!! OMFG!!!o_O
AA. Mother Earth
-->light and deep roller with very nice subs that should be very capable of opening up an evening...

This is the shit right here:

BRK01 (release expected around April)


A. Transbohemian
-->drum edits galore and very live sounding...really well produced drums even though most might not find all too dancefloor friendly, but this is going down very well over here!!
AA. Spiritualism
-->this must be one of my favourite tunes of the moment...rolling deep, super edits, nice vocal loop and subs that go deeper than nuclear waste in the Northsea...tune of the week/month....and from what I see/read this boy has got enough tracks to fill my entire set!

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