New Artist In the scene, Peak Rays - Stand On

Nice tune. You have still lots to learn. The forum has a production thread tjere is alot of info that can help you improve your music :) Your new tunes or wips can be posted in the New Talents & Tracks section in the Production thread and people can give feedback. Anyway welcome man :)
To give feedback on the tune: work on your drums. They’re good only a bit weak. Adding punch would improve the tune alot. Also dont mind to add a small delay and reverb on the vox. Same with the other elements in the tune. It sounds kinda dry ;)
Hey man,
I definitely appreciate the feedback:) it's not released yet so I'm going to work on touching up those few things you mentioned. thanks again! I do have another one that I will be posting on SoundCloud tomorrow which does have these aspects so look out for that if you're interested :).
No offence. cos it's tight and nice, but it sort of just sounds like a pop tune that happens to have a pretty simple D+B beat over it
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