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    Sep 24, 2005
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    Hows it goin everyone...

    the names metaverse... I originally didn't see this forum so I posted in the "General" apologies...

    Im from Massachusetts in the US... Im new to producing... I've done VERY LITTLE work with pro tools... A little more with Cakewalks Sonar 3 and Reason 2.5... as well as little loops , breaks ect with SoundForge 4.5 (before it started studdering on every music file i attempted to play back with it)... I've got a Korg Triton Extreme which im just learning how to use and a PC ... Producing sick tracks is my goal as well as participating in anyway I can around here and lend my knowledge to those who need it...

    It is what it is and I just wanted to say hello and thanks for establishing this place in cyberspace...

    ~ meta