NEW Album-Noistek Resurrection-Download today!

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    OK folks... Have at it!
    Let me know what you think...
    Click To Download Album Mix (MP3)- DnBShare
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    For the select Individual tracks for your DJ use (Part 2) Click Here!

    Part 1- The Mix (Mixed by Noistek):
    1. The Hunted
    2. No One Left
    3. The Soothing
    4. Together, Tonight
    5. Stronger
    6. Go!
    7. Lock The Door
    8. Clueless Victim
    9. Insanity
    10. Zulu
    11. The Method
    12. Believe
    13. Megalon
    14. Step Off!
    15. Take No Stuff
    16. Beatdown!
    17. Breaking Point
    18. Apocalypse Prophecy

    Part 2 Un-mixed Tracks: (Mp3)
    Apocalypse Prophecy
    Clueless Victim
    Beatdown (Edit, I took my name out)
    No One Left
    The Gift, The Curse
    The Soothing

    ----Hear Noistek in action----
    4.25.09 Spring Massive Pre-Party @Shorty's Baltimore, MD (Resurrection Live)
    5.01.09 Conspiracy Sessions @The Black Hole Dundalk, MD (w/Digital Conspiracy Crew)
    5.02.09 Destruction @Shorty’s (Final Party) Baltimore, MD (w/J-Dastardly)
    5.22.09 Konkrete Jungle Baltimore
    6.05.09 Starscape Pre-Party @The Black Hole Dundalk MD