New album from Calyx & Teebee in 2008


I was searching subtitles' myspace and found this news:

Calyx & TeeBee are now working on their second collaborative album – an LP which will see them branch into new genres with one half of the LP being DnB and the other half comprising a wide range of styles. Expect a Vinyl triple pack of the 6 DnB cuts, and all 12 tracks released on CD and mp3. 2 mouth-watering remixes of tracks from the Anatomy LP are currently in progress by 2 highly-acclaimed artists and will feature on a Momentum 12" prior to the new LP’s release.

In addition to their ventures into new styles of music, Calyx & TeeBee have been pushing for more of their joint sets to feature 6 decks and 2 mixers, with both DJ’s in action simultaneously. They first performed with this setup at a legendary event in Moscow, October 2007. Since then they have made a further 8 performances on 6 to 8 decks and 2 mixers. With each gig they have discovered more permutations, possibilities and ideas whilst developing an understanding that generates both spontaneous and choreographed moments. Calyx and TeeBee find it by far the most exciting, enjoyable and expressive way they have ever performed and are now looking to make every joint booking feature this setup. Rest assured, you will never have heard or seen a DnB performance like it!

wondering about the Anatomy remixes :beers:
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