|Never dismantle your gear shifters on your MBX

Discussion in 'Waffle' started by Radius, Apr 1, 2007.

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    I made the mistake of trying to dismantle and service a gear shifter...its like a clock mechanism, and once it spring out...its a nightmare !!! I sepnt 4 hours doing something that could have been a lot less time, and I never fitted my new rear mech, so no rides until the new shifter arrives !!! -AN expensive cock up !

    Its wierd cos I have fixed just about everything else...I have even replced teh bottom bracket , and serviced wheel bearings and replaced rear cassettes..but this was a nightmare !

    If that makes no sense cos ya don't do MBX/BMX don't worry :shabba:
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    Ah the days of being absolutely frustrated at your bike! I built my trials bike years ago in my parents kitchen, I was ready to kill someone by the end of it, ha!

    I feel your pain. It's definitely worth it though!