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Neutronic beats info

Neutronic Beats is a new label set up by DJ Manga, the aim is to bring quality dance floor music to willing listeners, djs and mainly the ravers.

Its heavily based on jump up atm but we also have plans for some more deep tech-step stuff not to mention liquid release’s coming from the label in the not to distant future.

We are still a very young label but already we are getting some very good responses from the djs and ravers alike.

We' re still fine tuning the sound of the label by experimenting with each release, we have dropped 4 tracks and none of which sound the same and all have had very good responses so far so i do believe we are on the right track!

The atest release

Neutronic Beats 002 - War God / Screw Face Malarky

-War God -

You will definitely feel like a War God after a dose of Manga’s latest Instalment on his Neutronic Beats label, funny enough entitled WAR GOD!!!!!.

You are not alone as you are backed by the harmonic orchestra at the beginning of this track to help lead your way through what can only be described as an onslaught of that killer signature wobble bass line Manga has created accompanied with the perfect kicks, snares and hats that keep your head moving backwards and forwards like a pigeon on speed.. This track is not for the faint hearted you will be on the floor before you dare ask for the reload.. a definite must for every Jump up fanatic.

-Screwface Malarky-

Once again DJ Manga takes no prisoners. This tune is hard at work from the first bar. A sweeping synth and echo piano stab guides you to a terrifying drum roll which unleashes … err Hum.. Unsuspecting layered bass lines that will make your face automatically contort and Morph in such a manner that some or if not most people call Screw face Malarkey.. Ha ha did you see what i just did there “Screw face malarky” get it?? Oh ok any way..this is definitely one that will have every one in a rave moving.

Planned release’s

Next up will be the Geno Cyber EP which will have four tracks, all jump up but with a twist just wait and see its not your typical jump up ep i can say that much.

After that we will have the Sound System Punishment EP again another 4 tracks but the sound of the tracks is totally different to the G/C EP as I said before where still experimenting with the sound of the label

Im in talks with a few other artists atm about singles and eps to come after the S.S.P EP so watch this space....

some of the places you can get out music from:

other places you can get info and updates from

Other Manga bits still available:

Neutronic Beats 1 - Evil Residents / Battle Groundz
Cyntax Error 12 - Wicked City EP
Cyntax Error 8 - World Of Manga EP (plus 2 bonus tracks free to download!)
Cyntax Error 3 - Visionaries / Goodbye
Phantom Dub 16 - My City / Lesbian Love
Phantom Dub 9 - Studio Jamming / Tag Battle VIP
Double Records 2 - Stinks Of Manga
Cutterz Choice 17 - Gearing For War
Lava 12 - Brick Top (from the Snatch EP)
Tango Down 005 - Hold Ur Tongue
Tango Down 003 - Cowabunga Dude

Get involved!!!
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