Neutronic Beats 10 (RELEASED)

Just a heads up about are first full release of the year that has just landed

Artist: Manga feat. Fatman D & Rekless
Track List:
01- Interview With A Badman
02- (Instrumental Mix)
03- (Dub Plate Mix)

Sound Cloud:

some PR Info:
The first two tracks on this release are two slightly different versions of the same track entitled ‘Interview With A Badman’ and ‘Interview With A Badman (Instrumental Mix)’. Both tracks kick off with a dark Drumstep intro containing DJ Manga’s trademark hard hitting drums accompanied by a swooping, gritty synth. Then, on the first mix, this is then all pulled down into a very original vocal sample that you will not find anywhere else but here. MC Fatman D comes into this intro with a short Q&A which leaves you thinking to yourself, would you rather be a superhero or a super villain? This track then ignites into pure fiyah and energy. Smashing through your speakers with a hammer blow of womping and wobbling bass synths that will have you smashing through the walls and a sub bass that will shake the cones from there cabinets. These two tracks are pure gut busting jump-up drum and bass that will have you stomping through the dance floor and being dragged down into the bowels of the earth. This track is sure to turn many heads in many buildings all across the world.

The other track on this release is entitled ‘Interview With A Badman (Dub Mix)’. This track is a reworked version of the other two tracks and also without the sample ion the intro. For this one, DJ Manga has given us the same dark Drumstep intro but for the main body of the track he has flipped it on its head. Giving us the deep, dirty wobbling bass synth first which is then followed by DJ Manga’s trademark womping bass synths that smashes any dance floor, any where, every time. With an almost silent drop which then explodes into such sickness, you better hold onto your hats when you here this track creeping around the corner.......

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