'Neutrino' liquid DnB 1hr mix w/23 tracks

After a discussion on the mix rate on this forum i tried to keep the rate higher than i would normally so this is 1hr mix with in 23 tunes squeezed in.

I think the flow it still flows well and most of the tracks are new buys to me and honestly i reckon is the best mix i have done from a selection point of view with slightly varied sections of vibe and styles. If pushed to describe the sounds vibes dancefloor vocal liquid then some deeper soulful moving to a few moodier minimal step then rounding out on some dub/reggae breaks.:D


01. Electrosoul System : To My Galaxy (Makoto Remix)
02. Paul SG Feat. Grimm : Lonely
03. Big Bud : Rise
04. Mutt & Generic : No Clue
05. Netsky : Midnight Express
06. Paul SG : Vienna Melange
07. Random Movement : Scotch Bonnet
08. Big Bud & Furney : Diggit
09. Well Being : Darling Heart
10. Big Bud : Soul Sista
11. Eveson : Anywhere, Anytime
12. Netsky : I Refuse
13. Big Bud : Want You So Bad
14. Eveson : Dirty Habits
15. Big Bud : Millennium (Utah Jazz Remix)
16. Lenzman : Rags To Riches
17. M.I.S.T. : Entropy
18. Sigma : Front To Back
19. Squash : P Style
20. Greg Packer : Raining Dub
21. M.I.S.T. (feat. DRS) : Clockwork
22. Sigma : Nexus
23. Lenzman (feat. Riya) : Bittersweet


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Big mix, this is my definition of a liquid mix, many people think a liquid mix should contain cheese and all the latest vocal tunes, but no liquid is all about the vibes and the tempo, this is liquid as i know it, big baslsines and plenty of amens too plus jazz notes and driving riffs, what more could you want, a couple minor slips but not many ppl put up mixes like this on forum so keep doing what you do sir

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Excellent mix! I judge a liquid mix on how much it makes me smile, and this badboy had me smiling quite a bit 8)
Definitely one for the summertime, good work.